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⁠Strategic approach to operational tasks.

⁠⁠We win when you win. Reaching

your business target is our top priority.


Our expertise is not limited to software development issues.
We provide complex business support and constantly align our day-to-day performance with your long-term plans.
We work closely with you to ensure that your organization flourishes from our  joint efforts. Our achievements make sense, only when they become your success story. 


Flexible and transparent agile methodology of development process.

Proven expertise.


You are able to track the project status and guide the development process in the needed direction.
The competence of our team is proven by our clients’ recommendations and an impressive portfolio of successfully implemented projects.


⁠We use only time-proven and an easily maintainable stack of technology.

⁠⁠We are a next-door contractor

(GMBH Berlin company).


Our goal is not to make companies dependent on our team.
Our technology stack decision  is based on your preferences and project requirements which are the  primary concern
We work closely with the client in order to have smooth and comfortable business negotiations.
This includes the following aspects: legal regulations, accounting, and team location.


⁠⁠Only high-level account management

and fluent German speakers 

Everyone in the team is an ex-CTO or has extensive technical experience.

⁠⁠Flexible pricing approach that depend on the client’s needs.


After going through dozens of individual projects, we created a cross-functional team that is eager to share its unique knowledge with other companies.
There is no overpayment. You pay only for the work done. We make sure that it is reasonable, affordable and very convenient for you.

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