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Outsourcing has become outdated for companies that understand the real importance of end-product quality. A new solution — nearshoring — overcomes the disadvantages of outsourcing and provides more benefits for our clients.

Nearshoring brings the development closer to the point of use or where the customers are located.

This becomes attractive because:

The risk of having important intellectual capital stolen or fraud is reduced.

A steady increase of customer responsiveness is demonstrated.

More predictable product support and maintenance are guaranteed.

You will be able to forget about exhausting night shifts at work or extremely early meetings. With the development team at your disposal, day-to-day communication becomes easier and saves you  a considerable amount of energy from a long-term perspective.

Location in different time zones is also not a problem for nearshoring.

There are no cultural and language barriers.

National holidays, legal differences or language misunderstandings appear unexpectedly at the most critical time.  However, unlike outsourcing companies, the nearshore contractor and the client are in the same business market with similar approaches, same language, and habits.

Why is it so important?

A shorter distance results in faster problem-solving, a shared business environment  and in the efficient collaboration.

Nearshoring is not only about cost-effective development, it is also about achieving the objectives that are set by the business.

Nearshoring leads to a smoother development process, higher product quality, and improved customer satisfaction.

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