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I think it is almost impossible to start something without outsourcing certain aspects of the business.


Brian O'Malley, Accel VC.


⁠Feeling doubtful about delegating your development? — You are doing the right thing!
100% control is not always
a correct strategy.


Although delegating might feel scary at first, consider all of the opportunities that you will have after entrusting your tasks to development professionals. A short consultation with our team will help you to compare all of the pros and cons of delegation and make the right decision.
Let’s be honest: full control over the development process is difficult, time-consuming and requires considerable tech experience. Delegation is a sensible and beneficial solution that saves you time and takes your mind off of the programming challenges.


You can do anything, but not do everything particularly well.


These successful startups were built with delegated development:

Slack, Fab, Skype, Github, Basecamp, Opera.

It is possible that geniuses exist, but there is a more reliable solution. Instead of mastering every skill, focus on your main competencies. We will do the rest and entrust your project to the top industry specialists.
Sounds pretty surprising, doesn’t it? However, the new reality reveals that: the winners are the ones who work smarter, not harder.


These German companies have a great experience in working with nearshoring:Henkel, DB Systel, Lufthansa, Deutsche Telekom, BMW, Bosch, SAP.


Stay focused on the core aspects of your business - those areas where you can have a strategic advantage - and let others worry about the rest.
Even large corporations take advantage of nearshoring to reduce their costs, stay flexible and remain customer-adaptive.
Enhance your firm's competitiveness by perfecting your unique capabilities. Rather than juggling multiple tasks, put your efforts into the thing that you do best — and you'll see the impressive outcome!
T2M is the most vital in the competitive struggle — do not invest your time in hiring a full development team, if there is no market reason for it.



Development is only a tool. It is not about the sales.
Be the first to bring your brilliant idea to the customer and become a leading company that others follow. Our efficient resource management guarantees strict project scheduling and deadlines.
The truth is that customers don't care about the development process. What really matters is the value and the satisfaction they will get from the end-product usage.


The outsourcing market is grossing  (which means companies trust it).
Outsourcing is useful for all kinds of businesses, ranging from startups to international corporations. More and more companies consider this option and win with great results. Don't let your project fall behind.

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