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Development time shortage

resolution via team extension



A company has faced a serious competition in the financial sector (mortgage banking). It was known that a leading competitor is supposed to release a new series of financial products for a core business of the XYZ ...

Budget optimisation without a quality loss




A customer in an e-commerce sector has been challenged with forming a stock goods listing based on various logistic parameters. An internal software development project of new stock goods listing sorting software has been arranged within a company ...

Team scaling by a company’s market

growth opportunities



Client — is a large fashion e-commerce retailer with more than 200,000 unique visitors a day. There was no mechanism at the goods list that sorted goods for any commercial factors. The list of products was displayed simply randomly ...

Nearshoring vs. outsourcing:
similar time zone and short geographical distance



A large corporation in a car manufacturing sector arranged a large five year planned modernisation programme of internal logistic centres with the main focus on software update and improvements. A development team of an ERP ...

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