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Development of WEB solutions

The development of corporate (web) applications involves the use of a combination of the industrial approach to project management and the application of the high quality software engineering technologies. We guarantee that our customers will receive quality service and an integrated approach to projects with various corporate systems.

  • Collection and processing of requirements.
  • Evaluation and planning of work.
  • Development of requirements list and specifications or adherence to flexible methodologies in the requirements management plan.

Development of information systems includes the following stages:

  • System design.
  • Development of the frontend.
  • Development of reporting.
  • Development of the backend (monoliths and microservices in virtual Docker containers).
  • Testing and quality control of the developed application.
  • Preparation of technical documentation.
  • Putting the system into operation.
  • System Maintenance – optional.

Information systems are a reliable foundation and data source for management decision making. Within IT systems support, a wide range of issues related to the updating, operation and upgrading of enterprise-class information solutions can be solved.

Support and Maintenance of IT-solutions

Setting up information systems.
The optimum parameters of the application operation are determined taking into account the available capacity of the hardware base and the expected loads.
Modernization of systems. 
Based on current and prospective business tasks, the existing programs or individual modules are modified, their functionality is expanded.
Information support. 
Maintenance of the systems includes training the employees of the client company with the capabilities of the software used and interaction with the user interface.
Further development of the information environment: 
the creation of a general concept based on the needs of the company, the development and implementation of new modules, the subsequent system integration.

Advantages of IT infrastructure maintenance

Risks minimization during the operation of software products – regular updates allow preventing the occurrence of failures in time.
Performance improvement of the IT environment – changing the settings allows you to more efficiently use available system resources and previously unavailable features.
Reliable functioning of the information structure – stable systems operation allows avoiding downtime, minimizing reputational risks and reducing financial losses as a result of equipment failures.
Reduction of operating expenses – an ideally adjusted system will allow you to forget the need for additional maintenance.
Optimization of business processes.
Professional support of information systems guarantees a high return on investment in the creation and development of the company's information infrastructure. Timely actualization of existing solutions allows you to abandon the introduction of new platforms, ensuring the continuity of business processes, as well as significant savings in material and time resources.

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