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Reliable software and


Do you have ambitious plans for development but HR can't find you the required number of developers? Well, here we are. We will support your IT-team with our stable and smart engineers who you will  enjoy working with. We'll also make it fast.

We are ready to help companies of any size with even the most complex technical tasks.


WEB solutions testing

We perform quality control of load testing and automation of acceptance tests.

Infrastructure as a

Code (DevOps)

We establish provisioning of the data centers and cloud-based environments, using automation tools (ansible, puppet).

WEB solutions development and support

Front-end and back-end of corporate (web-) applications within the industrial approach to project management.

Assistance in preparing for nearshoring

We understand that there can be risks for you when starting to work with a new company. We know how to make it for you. In order to provide you with extra motivation,  we offer a special discount. 

Startups with nearshoring

We have a special solution for start-up companies. We can start your project within 10 days, after our first call.




Goods sorting algorithm with machine learning elements for a large fashion e-commerce retailer with more than 200,000 unique visitors a day.



The algorithm that was developed within the first month of use increased the average CR by 14.29%, which in a single season (six months) brought the customer more than 2.2M euros of additional profit.


CornerCase Nearshoring Labs — service technology company, founded in 2015.

CornerCase Nearshoring Labs — we are a service technology company that was founded in 2015. We unite the best developers, system architects, product managers from Eastern and Western Europe. Our main value is our staff. Our main message is that we do not just write code, we solve  business tasks using all of the available modern technology stack.
We have confirmed expertise in the following areas: e-commerce, medicine, manufacturing, finance, logistics and machine learning. We work successfully, with large and well-known customers,  as well as with ambitious start-up companies.

CornerCase Nearshoring Labs — we are your reliable business partner. We allow you to delegate the most complex technological tasks, while you can focus on the strategic development of your business.


We are GmBH-company in Berlin. We understand the German market and German business. We speak german. Each customer contacted us for the first time returns within half a year. In our opinion, this objectively shows our professional⁠work attitude. Just let's have a meeting and we will prove our competence.


Large companies have been successfully using these services in their business processes.


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